Beach Your hosts Larry & Linda from Vancouver, Canada, welcome you to their magical lush tropical Beach Retreat, between the white sands of the Caribbean Sea and the Jurassic Park like jungle of the mountains behind.

Cabana Shots Here you can relax in your hammock on the porch of your own seaside cabana, while reading a book or daydreaming of the pirate ships of long ago, as they sailed past Trujillo’s old Spanish Fort looking for a spot to bury their treasure. Wander an old Spanish trail across the cloud shrouded mountain peaks of a tropical rainforest or follow a crystal clear mountain river to a waterfall for a refreshing splash in the cool water pools.  You can swim and enjoy water sports in the warm waters of the clear Caribbean sea. Experience life “Under the Sea” as you snorkel the coral reef of Caya Blanca.

Hike to a nearby native village to see how they work and play and maybe buy a stone carving or two along the way.  Visit an old museum in nearby historical Trujillo that has thousands of objects from the past to the present.  Trujillo is located where Columbus once stood and is one of the very first towns founded in the early 15th century

Jungle river swimming pool Yes, we can help you fulfill your dream.  We have national parks, wildlife preserves, tropical rain forests as well as rivers and hiking trails for the adventure that takes you through days of old.  Our native guide may be helpful for those who really want to go off the beaten path.  We offer a place lost in time, to see Honduras like it was in the past, without many tourists to spoil much of the natural beauty and wildlife.

To satisfy another one of your tastes, experience a wonderful nutricious Traditional or American meal at our Tranquility Bay Restaurant.

We do offer most of the modern conveniences like wireless internet, indoor plumbing, lots of hot water, ceiling and floor fans as well as a warm and pleasant tropical trade wind.  Who needs all the other trappings of modem life to spoil the mystical qualities of white sandy beaches with the lapping of the ocean. The sounds of parrots and birds of all kinds, nature and dragonflies dancing in the breeze by day and fireflies by night.

Beach Shots Just remember to bring a few good books, your sun tan lotion, your favourite sun cap, your camera and a spot in your heart for all the beautiful memories that you will take home and cherish forever.  May God bless you on your journey as he has blessed us here with peace and “Tranquility” in this Bay of paradise.

P.S.  Come and share our small retreat with us, hope to see you soon.


  • Standup Paddle Boarding
  • Kite Boarding
  • Wind Surfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hiking Adventures
  • Natural Water Slides