Chimi’s Corner

Chimi is the resorts Capuchin monkey that steals everyone’s hearts when they visit. Chimi was a rescued monkey at 1 month of age. See pictures and read what she’s been up to.

One evening a man approached Linda and Larry with a tiny, shivering, ill, Capuchin monkey with a wound on its leg with worms infested in it. Knowing this poor creature had little hope of surviving, we took it home.

The wound proved to be resistant to most antibiotics and Chimi was very ill for many months till we hit upon the right combination of medication. In the meantime, Chimi adopted Linda as mom and clung around her neck all day and frequently all night when Linda would sneak her into our bed.

Chimi is now an adult and still sweet and cuddly BUT is nervous around children after being mistreated by a group of rough boys. She now has a huge house/cage where our staff and family visit and play with her.

Youtube Video on Tranquillity Bay Beach Retreat

Chimi doing what he likes best – eating bananas

Chimi is grown and loves to climb and play.

Chimi having fun with guests

Chimi having fun with one of our guests

Chimi relaxes on a hammock by the beach

Cuddled up safe and warm on mommy Linda’s lap

Monkeys and humans get along at Tranquility bay

Chimi becomes Tranquility Bay’s adopted “rescued” Capuchin baby monkey

Chimi is grown and loves to climb and play

Larry looks after both of Tranquility Bays resident Monkeys