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We offer flights to Trujillo from Roatan, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, as well as other airports that you may choose.

With more than 20,000 hours of flying experience your flight crew is able to provide safe, comfortable, scenic and reliable air travel.

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ROATAN Airport (RTB) is the closest International Airport to TRUJILLO and is an island just 41 miles off the coast from Trujillo.

-flights into Roatan will require you to take a ferry to La Ceiba and then transportation to Trujillo or a fast Tranquility Air flight to Trujillo

LA CEIBA Airport (LCE) is the 2nd closest International Airport to TRUJILLO and is the third largest city in Honduras.

SAN PEDRO SULA Airport (SAP) is the 3rd closest International Airport to TRUJILLO and is the second largest city in Honduras.

TEGUCIGALPA Airport (TGA) is the furthest International Airport from TRUJILLO and is the largest city and also is the Capital of Honduras.

Transportation from any of these airports to Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat has several options.

1.  Rent a car at the airport (THRIFTY or AVIS)

2.  Hire a Taxi or Van

3.  Take the “COTUC Bus (which are clean comfortable buses)

4.  Charter “Tranquility Air” to fly you to the Trujillo airport

-flight time from Roatan to Trujillo is 25 minutes

-flight time from LaCeiba to Trujillo is 30 minutes

-flight time from San Pedro Sula to Trujillo is 1 hour

-flight time from Tegucigalpa to Trujillo is 1 hour and 10 minutes

If you wish we can arrange the transportation for you.

The most economical, but long and tiring transportation, is by bus and the two larger bus companies are COTUC or HEDMAN ALAS.  The COTUC buses are clean and comfortable coach buses and are the only ones that go all the way to Trujillo without changing buses.  The HEDMAN ALAS buses are newer and nicer coach buses but are more expensive and only go from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba.  With the Hedman Alas you would then have to change to a COTUC bus in La Ceiba going to Trujillo.

If your flight into San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba in the late afternoon and you are planning to drive to Tranquility Bay, it is recommended that you do not drive on the highway after darkness (6:00 pm).  Road hazards at night are obstacles such as wandering cattle, many pedestrians on the road side, pot holes, and vehicles with inadequate lighting or without lights.

If overnighting in SAN PEDRO SULA we recommend the Apart/Hotel Villa Nuria which is close to the San Pedro Sula Airport and offer shuttle service to/from airport, bus terminal and downtown.

If overnighting in LA CEIBA we recommended the Hotel Rainbow Village,  which is less than 5 minutes from the La Ceiba Airport and is comfortable, pleasant and relatively inexpensive.

If arriving in Trujillo by the “COTUC” bus, from there you can hire a taxi or we can arrange for the short 10-15 minute ride to Tranquility bay at a cost of approximately $10 USD.

TRANQUILITY BAY BEACH RETREAT is located approximately 3 miles/5 kilometers west of Trujillo and is on the right hand side of the road across from the gated “Campa Vista” development (or beside “Campamento”).